About Me

Hi! I’m Erin and thanks for checking out my blog!

So, about me… I’m a scientist by trade and hard facts and figures are… well… were how I guided much of my life. When my husband and I decided to try for our first child, you can bet that I had all the apps and read all the articles about body temperature and ovulation cycles and tracking symptoms. It was a scientific process that had been well documented and I just had to followed the rules. Soon after that, I started noticing and experiencing things that weren’t in the books and the website and the Facebook groups. Not necessarily a-typical, but things it seemed that no one was talking about, from the funny to the gross to the heartbreaking. I had my first child back in May of 2018 and am currently expecting nugget #2 and, oh baby, I have learned some things and, I dare say, will keep on learning things. This whole motherhood thing isn’t something that can be made to fit a specific shape with hard boundaries. Motherhood is SO. MUCH. BIGGER. It is hard and hilarious. It is both the ups and the downs and there is so much still to figure out. My goal is to share those lessons and get a conversation started about those things that no one tells you.

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