First Things First

Hi fellow mamas!

My name is Erin and thank you for checking out my blog! A little about me and my intentions here… I am a mom of two: a one-year-old son we’ll call H and a daughter due soon we’ll call E. I have been happily married for almost three years to my husband, T, and we have been through a lot of major life changes.

As you have already assessed, I am PREGNANT. Like really pregnant. While being pregnant, we have bought our first home, moved to a new state, and both T and I have started new jobs. Like I said, major life changes. This is my second pregnancy and these two munchkins will be less than two years apart. Pregnancy, birth, and navigating motherhood dominate my thoughts. Throw in friends and family around my also being in baby mode and it’s fair to say that it is constantly at the forefront of my brain.

By trade, I am a scientist. Data, statistics, proven results. That is my wheel-house. I am not (was not?) driven by my gut or intuition. To me, pregnancy was going to follow right along with all the apps and blogs and books out there. (trust me, I read most of them) We’d go from a blueberry to a watermelon and *insert some screaming about eating forbidden fruit* BAM! Baby. Done and done. Then head home with our bundle of joy and live happily ever after, milk perpetually flowing from my breasts and boundless love and contentedness pouring from my soul like the nurturing saintly mother I am….

And then none of that happened. There were so many things that no one ever told me about pregnancy and birth. And there are so many things no one told me about motherhood! Whether its hilarious or heart-breaking or disgusting or downright embarrassing, my goal is to shine some light on those things a get them out in the open. I have no doubt that I am not alone in some of these things and I hope you’ll tag along, learn, and contribute to this blogging expedition into the unknown part of motherhood.


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